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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


When we meet a few months ago
You were like no one I know
I was attracted to discover the unknown
To find your secret on my own
Why you??
That was the question
The only answer was attraction
But I manage to solve the puzzle
Putting all the pieces together
At this moment
I saw you are a unique wonderful creature
You are not an ordinary human
And no one else has something in common
You have the warmth of the sun
That melts all ice around
You have the brightness of a star
That we can see twinkle though too far
You have the tender power of spring
That can revival almost everything
You have the firmness of a mountain
That is appreciated by everyone
You have the insistence of the ocean
That gives its waves in non-stopping motion
You have the generosity of the rain
That never let a plant complain
You have all the nature glory
That can’t be put in a poem or a story

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